About the Hawai`i's Daughters Guild

After years of gathering together to share customs, recall days gone by spent with `ohana while talking story, acquiring coping
mechanisms for living far away from home, 
and acknowledging the need to provide their children the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school, the wahine Hawai`i ame hoaloha organized the Hawai`i's Daughters Guild of California in 1970.

The purpose for forming the Guild was to provide collegiate scholarships to wahine Hawai`i and to hand down the cultural crafts, folklore, and customs of Hawai`i to friends, families, and adopted communities. Athletic scholarships were available to young men, while young women were not encouraged to continue higher education.

This small organization of 30 wahine have to date awarded in excess of $350,000 in scholarships to Pacific Island wahine. We continue to encourage our young women to reach for the stars and attain their dreams while remembering the foundation taught from home of who we are, where we are from, and living our lives with aloha.




FOUNDER:  Martha Hansen 

The mission of the Hawai`i’s Daughters Guild of California is to preserve and perpetuate the culture of Native Hawaiians and to serve and educate our members, Pacific Islanders and the community at large.

We envision Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island educators and leaders to serve their communities and to build community capacity for improving quality of life through socio-economic, cultural, collegiate and health education.

 Charter Members


Siliwa Apana

Lu`ukia Benson

Rebecca Bodnar

Annie Dagampat

Keakealani Hill

Laura Kapu

Irene Lee

Mary Lee

Luka Mansfield

Nani Pahnka

Pauline Shartzer

Ethel Reiman

Jennie Reid

Jennie Burton

Rainbow Kaho`onei


I MUA!  First, Last and Always


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